What's at the Scullin shops?

Plenty of parking and plenty of potential!

Talk to anyone from Scullin and they’ll say how much they love our little suburb. But inevitably, talk turns to our local shops, which are not (yet) the bustling town square they could be.

While a handful of businesses still do a brisk trade and are worth checking out (see our directory), overall the shops could use some love, an upgrade of facilities and a new business or two.

But enough of the past!  The Scullin Community Group is working to change all of that and we have already made massive inroads, using people power to turn the shops back into a community hub.

Check out this article showcasing the latest mural addition and the future of the shops.

In 2021, the Scullin Community Group is focused on finding the right retail match to enhance the shop’s offering as well as obtaining funding for a shade structure for the shops’ courtyard.

Keen to get involved? Are you interested in becoming a retailer, or know someone who might? Drop us a line at [email protected]

Scullin shops mural.

Photo: Jamila Toderas
Scullin shops mural. Photo: Jamila Toderas
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