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Neighbourhood Watch

Is this a thing?

Yes! Neighbourhood Watch didn’t phase out with the 1980s, it’s alive and kicking!

We encourage all Scullin residents to join Neighbourhood Watch ACT. Membership is free.

What is Neighbourhood Watch all about?

The Neighbourhood Watch program aims to reduce crime by encouraging the community to watch out for and report suspicious activity to police or Crime Stoppers to deter potential criminals.

Here’s what ACT Policing says about Neighbourhood Watch, and how it can help everyone.

Seeking a leader for Scullin’s Neighbourhood Watch

We need an active and engaged volunteer to lead Scullin’s Neighbourhood Watch group.

We will give you lots of support to help you keep things simple but effective.

If this interests you and you would like to make a difference in Scullin, please get in touch via this contact form or just email to have a chat.

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