Check out our street libraries!

We love our street libraries.

Check out our map and info below on where you can read, browse, borrow and donate.

Please feel free to donate and take books at any time.

Thanks to resident Bor Peters for his vision and tenacity getting the libraries up and running!

Street libraries map


26 Gatty St

On the corner of Gatty St and Gatty Pl is a street library with children’s books for all ages.




16 Adair St


21 Holyman St

A children’s street library.

3 Mollison St

Pull up a seat to read, relax or loan.

127 Ross Smith Cres

Groot’s library.

Take a seat on the big chair and check out a mini fairy garden around the library.

Mixed books – something for everyone.

26/93 Chewings St

Mixed books – something for everyone!

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