Check out our many street libraries!

Community member Bor Peeters has been working hard to get Scullin’s Street Libraries up and running. Check out where you can read, browse, borrow and donate, and scroll down to watch Bors talking about being Scullin’s chief little librarian!

4 Duigan Street

A great spot for children’s books for 8-16 year olds.

16 Adair Street

A mix of books for all – and a place to sit!

26 Gatty Street

On the corner of Gatty Place you’ll find children’s books for all ages.

127 Ross Smith Crescent

Mixed books – something for everyone here.

21 Holyman Street

The place for books for young children.

26/93 Chewings Street

Mixed books – something for everyone!

3 Mollison Street

Pull up a seat to read, relax or loan.
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