My Scullin

Parks and Places

It’s official

We have a Greens Spaces group.

There are dozens of these groups across the ACT, all set up to help the community get hands-on in terms of conserving our public urban open spaces. So good to have our very own!

So if you like getting your hands dirty, or would like to meet new people while helping spruce up some of Scullin’s open spaces, we’d love you to come along, regardless of where you live. Events will be posted on our calendar, but if you’d like to let us know you’re keen just send us an email via this form. You can come along once in a while or regularly – it’s up to you!

About the ACT Government’s Urban Parks and Places groups

Volunteering (Urban Parks and Places) is a community partnership between the local community and the ACT Government.

Groups contribute to the upkeep of areas like:

  • parks
  • playgrounds
  • grasslands
  • green spaces
  • shopping centres
  • creeks, wetlands and lake surrounds

Learn more about the ACT Government’s Urban Parks and Places program.

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