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A New Food Forest Garden

Exciting news! We’ve secured a grant for our very own Scullin Food Forest Garden!

Over the coming year, the green space alongside Scullin shops will transform into an edible oasis with a diverse range of edible plants – herbs, vegetables, pollinator plants and food trees.

Food forests are a great way to consider and enjoy fresh food – as well as helping to combat climate change by promoting sustainable food sources. This will be an open garden, not fenced, that is open to members of our community to come and pick, and share produce together.

Our Project Lead will be Corey Le Mesurier, a co-leader of the Holt Micro and Food Forests. You may already know Corey from the new Muku Ramen Bar.

We’ve had two community consultation sessions in early December and will have another on Sunday 25 February at 10.30am at Scullin shops. Based on your feedback in the consultation sessions, we now have the proposed plants list to discuss.

After that, the next step will be site preparation. It’s going to happen in the next month or so!

Already, we’ve received a great response from the Scullin community and lots of exciting visions for what it could become.

Your participation will be key to the garden’s success – from plant selection to planting and maintenance.

Want to be a part of it all? Simply send an email expressing your interest to scullincommunitygroup AT and Adele Sinclair, our Green Spaces Coordinator, will add you to the email list and keep you updated on info sessions and other project updates.

Let’s grow something great together!


The Scullin Community Group is actively involved in improving the Scullin shops to make them an attractive area for the community to gather and visit. Since 2019 there have been community-led improvements in the shops front garden, rear garden and courtyard garden
beds, with multiple planting and weeding sessions, and volunteers undertaking ongoing maintenance and care.

On the west side of the Scullin shops precinct, there is currently an adjoining unused green space of hard compacted soil with grass and weed coverage. This area has great visibility from the adjoining roads, McIntosh Street and Ross Smith Crescent, and the community often use adjacent paths to approach the shops by foot or on bike.

This Food Forest Garden will create a series of garden installations that provide visual and social appeal to the area. It will be a hub of food-producing plants accompanied by beneficial pollinator plants and habitat for local wildlife, while improving the visual appeal of the Scullin Shops, storing carbon in the soil, reducing the urban heat effect in the area and overall contributing towards a zero emissions future through these activities.

The project will be maintained by the community under the guidance of the Scullin Community Group and be a meeting point where community can come together for conversations and collaboration.

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