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The Scullin Community Group holds an open community meeting every 4-6 weeks. All are welcome to attend! (Subscribing to our calendar is the best way to know when the next meeting is coming up and where it will be held.)

Next meeting date: Likely to be a Monday night, late Feb 2020, 6pm-7.30pm.  Date TBC.
See our events calendar for full details.

Minutes from 2 December, 2019 meeting.

Agenda for 2 December, 2019 meeting.

Minutes from 28 October, 2019 meeting.

Agenda for 28 October, 2019 meeting.
To add a ‘new business’ item to the meeting’s agenda email us on [email protected] at least a week before the meeting.

Why have an open community meeting?

Our regular community meetings serve a number of purposes, including:

1. To ensure the many projects we are working on are travelling well, and to see where we need to/want to put more energy.

2.To make it easier for all members of the community to learn more about the goals, upcoming events and plans of the Scullin Community Group, and to make it easier for people to step up and get involved.

3.To ensure that as we grow we remain accessible, transparent and collaborative in our approach.

Whether you’ve been thinking “I wonder where all this is going?” or “Hmm, I might like to get more involved but I need to know more”, these meetings are a great chance to come to learn and listen.

There is no ’secret club’ making things happen – it’s simply people power: people like you deciding to step up and get more involved, and working out the best fit for their skills so we can all make our community an even better place to be.

Each meeting will have an agenda (posted here a week prior to each meeting).

There will be a part of the meeting set aside for new business where you can request IN ADVANCE something be discussed. We’ll do our best to get to everything. If it gets out of hand we’ll have to find a simpler way as we are all volunteers and time, as always, is finite.

Minutes will also be posted here.

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