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How big are the beanbag chairs?

Beanbag chairs are 85cm x 85cm x 60cm. Perfect for one relaxed adult or one less relaxed adult with one or two kids crawling on top of them.

Are the beanbag chairs waterproof?

PVC Backed polyester provides protection against showers/rain. (However, we recommend putting your bean bags under cover in heavy downpours).

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, our booking system will automatically take a $300 deposit for you against your booking. It’s similar to the way Airbnb bookings work – the system does it all for us.  The deposit will be automatically refunded to you once we receive the equipment back and confirm it’s in good working order.  (We understand general wear and tear happens but aim to receive items back in the same condition they were rented out in.)

What size is the cinema screen?

It’s a 12ft (3.6m) inflatable outdoor movie screen.

Is the blower on the inflatable screen noisy?

Surprisingly, no. That’s what all the reviews said and we’ve found the same.

Is the cinema screen hard to put together?

Nope. Easy peasy. Kind of like putting up a kids jumping castle. Odd the first time, then simple. The screen actually velcros onto the frame. As it’s inflatable, wind is the enemy. There are pegs that come with it but you might want to weigh it down a bit at the sides.

I’m not that technically minded – does your equipment come with instructions?

It does! Although not the beanbag chairs or astroturf: we reckon you have those sorted.

Where do I collect/return the equipment?

The equipment is stored in the Scullin Community Group’s locker at King Street Storage at 86 Nettlefold St, Belconnen ACT 2617. King Storage is 650m from Westfield Belconnen in the ‘industrial’ area at the top of Belconnen Town Centre (Scullin/Page end). Most of the time we’ll get you to meet us there to collect the gear/drop it back.   You will need us to open the gate at King Storage for you as we don’t give out that code.

You will be able to drive all the way to the outside of our storage unit with your car, van or trailer.

If you only have a small item, the volunteer on duty during your rental period might ask you to return it elsewhere in Scullin or a neighbouring suburb.

How long is a standard rental for?

24 hours. The actual start/finish time will probably depend on your event timing and when our volunteer can meet you to collect the equipment. You can also rent for multiple days and the price may drop a little.

Do you discount for community organisations?

Yes indeed! Particularly small NFPs who are 100% volunteer run. We want to make sure our rentals equipment helps communities across Canberra, and particularly Belconnen.

Where does my rental fee go?

Glad you asked! Some of your fee goes towards the cost of our storage unit and booking system, as well as equipment upkeep/replacement and purchase of new equipment. Anything leftover goes to the Scullin Community Group, an incorporated association in the ACT. We are 100% volunteer run and use funds for things like running events for our local community, paying for improvements in the parks and public spaces of Scullin, or other activities that help connect and support the local community. You can learn more about us and our goals here.

Do I need a permit to run a public screening/movie night?

This is quite a handy resource from the Fred Hollows foundation.

How did you get the money to buy all this equipment?

The bulk of our equipment was funded by a volunteer grant


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