UPDATE: 19 August 2020
As the pandemic continues, we are working in various ways to still support and enhance our community and it’s connections.  Events are now being run in accordance with ACT Government COVID safe requirements, and we put structures in place to make sure any gatherings we hold meet physical distancing and other requirements.  Depending on current restrictions, we do things like we take bookings for working bees, to ensure we don’t go over numbers. 

It’s amazing what we are still able to achieve, while prioritising health (mental and physical) and safety of our community and our volunteers.

At we write, our Parks and Places group is active, and always seeking both one off volunteers for planting events/gardening and members of the project team.  We are planning some spring events/meetings at our local community Hall (Humpy Hall) – stay tuned for those.  And we continue to be active in ensuring the infrastucture at the Scullin shops meets community requirements:  Shade is coming, a bubbler is here and we are working on a second mural.

If you aren’t connected to us on our social channels or don’t see an opportunity for you to get involved, please email us on [email protected] and we’ll find a way for you to help out the community.  Many thanks!

Check out our upcoming events.


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