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ARTICLE on our new mural by Dave Cragg and the SCG’s plans and ambitions for 2021.


Scullin shops mural.
Scullin Community Group co-founder Sue White, and community member Emily Brindley.
Photo: Jamila Toderas



Colourful future for Scullin Shops

02 February 2020

The Scullin shops is undergoing a revival thanks to the creation of a stunning large-scale mural.

Scullin Community Group co-founder and president Sue White said the mural “got our creative juices flowing again after a tough 2020”.

“We want to get the shops this year to a point where they are a bit of a destination – we already have a great op shop, yoga, pizza and more – next on our list is a busy café,” Sue said.

Prior to mural’s completion, the community group had been working tirelessly to fundraise for the shops’ revival, however COVID-19 meant last year was more about ‘behind the scenes’ work rather than their popular public activities.

But thanks to a combination of Federal Government, ACT Government and community fundraising, the community group was able to get the mural project across the line – a huge step towards the revitalisation of the Scullin shops.

The community group commissioned artist Dave Cragg to create and paint the mural.

Inspired by Canberra’s native flora and fauna, and positioned on the left side of Scullin shops, the colourful artwork features earthy tones, flowers and an Australian native Honeyeater bird.

“Everyone loved it … When our nine person-committee saw the proposed design, they were unanimous; that never happens!” committee member Emily Brindley said.

Mural at scullin shops

The mural has generated many admiring onlookers – with people already using it as a background for their selfies – and it has also helped create a sense of pride within the community.

“What it’s done for our key volunteers is [that] it’s really inspired us. Suddenly it’s opened up all this other creative thinking about what we can do here,” Sue said.

The next project on the community group’s agenda is to fundraise money to get a shade structure over the main courtyard, as well as tables and chairs alongside the mural.

And if there are any talented baristas out there, the community group wants to hear from you.

“There’s certainly opportunities for more shops, and we’ve got some really clear ideas around how we can support those people,” Sue said.

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